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Paris 7th: Gaya signed Gagnaire, great!

Chef Jacky Tauvry

A meal at Gaya, Pierre Gagnaire's seaside restaurant, is a gala evening for the taste buds. As soon as you cross the threshold, you immediately feel at home, the atmosphere being both chic and cozy, thanks to the touches of color and the play of light which enliven a modern and sober decor. The room manager Alexandre Fontaine, as playful as Jean Dujardin, and the head sommelier Franck Lucas, an expert in culinary harmonies The two main players in a pleasantly professional service.

Alexandre Fontaine and Franck Lucas

Jacky Tauvry in the middle of his brigade

The succulent marine creations orchestrated by Pierre Gagnaire are concocted by Jacky Tauvry, his former chef at the Pierre restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong.  Here, as elsewhere, in his fifteen restaurants and in the Fouquets of the Barrière group whose menus he supervises, it is the clever marriage between emotion and technicality. Like Merlin the enchanter, this great alchemist of taste honored with multiple stars, sublimates the product, whether from land or sea. Thus, the Hervé This poached egg, langoustines, Paris buttons, cauliflower , the trio abalone, clams and razor clams, gelled celeriac infusion, oyster ice cream with plankton , skate terrine, haddock, pig's ears, leeks, tartar sauce with curry juice , squid rings with black garlic, red rice from Camargue, txistorra , blue lobster fricassee with ginger, sweet potato and Thai grapefruit, lemongrass bisque, basmati rice with lime , Dodin Bouffant casserole, sweetbreads, scallop mousseline, whiting, mushrooms rosés, golden ball turnips, green olives from Lucca , and gratin dauphinois, Fallot mustard ice cream, bitter salads with pine nuts , perfectly reflect his search for gourmet pleasure.

In conclusion to these amazing feasts : The apple pie of the moment, vanilla ice cream from Tahiti , a sweet treat on the chestnut-pistachio theme, pistachio cassate from Sicily San Biagio, chestnut velouté with chestnut chips , lemon biscuit soaked in quince syrup , chocolate, ice cream and Guanaja ganache with peated whiskey, Dodin Bouffant gavotte, cocoa diamond, Madagascar vanilla milky mellow, coconut milk würtz, mango, pineapple, fruits of the passion fruit, sea buckthorn , frosted blood orange, mousseline, candied slices, sorbet, opaline , angelic crunch, poppy whipped cream, elderberry jam, clementine, aloe vera and Trois-Rivières, box of milk chocolate, bavarian with old rum Trois-Rivières, pear macaronade .


6 rue de Saint-Simon

75007 Paris

Tel.  01 45 44 73 73 and 01 45 48 35 74

Menus:  €44 and €55 (lunch set), €65 (lunch)

Seafood platter :  €145 (for 2 people).

Card:  approx.100 €

Hours:  12 p.m.-2:30 p.m., 7 p.m.-10:30 p.m.

Weekly closing. :  Sunday, Monday and first Tuesday of each month

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