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Cannes: The seductive bistronomy of Cirque.

Stephan Durand and Mathieu Yanikian

For a dozen years now, Le Cirque has been seducing Cannes residents, festival-goers and vacationers with its very French bistronomy, its relaxed atmosphere and its never-ending terrace. Created by Stephan Durand, who worked in the kitchens of Bruno Oger, double-starred at the Villa des Lys, and Mathieu Yanikian, a professional in room service, their restaurant has become a real HQ and a canteen for gourmets who come to enjoy tasty, no-fuss local cuisine concocted and served by a lively and cheerful team.

Le Cirque offers a menu that changes with the seasons, highlighting freshness and local produce. you will be tempted by a salmon gravlax with lime and Greek yogurt with mint , mussels gratinated with parsley butter and parmesan , avocado toast and Viking bread, soft-boiled egg and black sesame , Mediterranean squid with tomato sauce with yellow curry and creamy polenta with herbs , a veal chuck cooked at low temperature and meat juice , sweetbreads with morel cream , a duck breast with figs and honey, or even an original lasagna with salmon, spinach and béchamel with tome de Savoie . And don't leave without tasting the beautiful homemade chocolate mousse , the lemon and Italian meringue tart , the warm vanilla Tatin or the Tordjman brioche, French toast style, salted butter caramel ice cream .

Far from resting on their laurels, Stéphan and Mathieu take care of this pleasant place to live year after year to the great pleasure of their customers, many of whom have established friendly ties with them.

The two friends recently opened a second business in Sophia Antipolis. This is Café Laffitte, a brasserie with immense volumes and a terrace perched in the trees. It is run by Bilel and Jason, two former directors of the Circus who became their partners.

So, to be continued… 

The circus

30, rue Hoche

06400 Cannes

Such. 04 93 30 02 38

Card: approx. €60

Hours: 12 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Weekly closing. : Sunday

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