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Cannes: The Riviera brunch “made in Carlton”.

Brunch at the Carlton is one of the “must-sees” of the Côte d’Azur. Reinventing itself every year to offer an explosive Sunday meeting, it takes place in the charming setting of the Riviera restaurant, with its two terraces offering a breathtaking view of the Croisette and attentive and helpful wait staff.

Under the leadership of Chef Laurent Bunel and his experienced teams, the Riviera buffets are transformed into a true gourmet jewelry store. From starters to desserts, a multitude of culinary treasures await you: seafood , shellfish , stuffed mussels , pan-fried shrimp in coconut-mango sauce , grilled octopus , salmon koulibiac , poached eggs with avocado , pasta flambéed in a wheel of parmesan , Challans chicken wings with ginger , cod aioli , roast beef sirloin, marrow bone juice

After an assortment of mature cheeses, succumb to the sweet delights of pastry chef Jean-François Barberis. A pure treat, accompanied by a musical atmosphere provided by three inspired musicians. Enough to brighten up your pupils and taste buds, even in bad weather.

The Riviera at Carlton

58, Boulevard de la Croisette

Tel :  04 93 06 46 00

"Le Printemps en Italie" : 125€/pers, without drinks, from March 2nd to May 26th

"Le Grill du Carlton" : 165€/pers, without drinks, from June 2nd to September 15th

"L'été Indien" : 125€/pers, without drinks, from September 22nd to November 17th

Hours :  Sunday, 12:30 p.m. to 3 p.m.

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